Newsletter Sept 20th: DS421 Fall Action Items, Information and Items of Interest

DS421 Action Items
Information and Items of Interest

Please note: required action items are indicated with an *.

Town Hall Scheduling – Please fill out this poll*

We are looking for a time to meet to discuss program information and sort out some details. Please register your availability for one our on this doodle poll.*

Interdepartmental Immersion – Attending Seminars*

As part of the Interdepartmental Immersion for cohort 2*, please attend 3 seminars this semester in a department that is not your own. It’s even more fun to bring a friend, invite them to your department event, introduce them around. A person from a completely different perspective will be sure to astound and impress your peers. 

Invited Speakers – Help Brainstorm

Students are encouraged to invite speakers to come give talks. We started a list of potential speakers with short bios. Please feel free to add to this list and discuss who you’d like to hear from. We can invite them to give talks at the existing seminars outlines in the DS421 Related Seminars or a special event. There is funding for honoraria!

*The first person to coordinate an invited speaker with an existing seminar series will win a “special” prize.*

Web logs wanted – Writing Exercise

Feeling inspired? Send Heather a few paragraphs about your unfolding enlightenment and we’ll feature it on the website. Guaranteed to reach tens of readers!

DS421 Seminars Calendar – Useful Information

Thank you for contributing to the DS421 master seminar calendar.

It is now a public calendar available through your Berkeley Google Calendar by searching for “DS421 Seminars.” Each seminar time slot has a link to the respective department’s event information. 

Most of the seminars are also viewable on the  Berkeley Initiative for Global Change Biology calendar.  This is not as comprehensive, but more user friendly. 

If you are aware of other seminars, please add them to this Google Sheet. 

Kammen Podcast
Professor Dan Kammen recently spoke at the Commonwealth Club on clean energy policy. Listen to the podcast here

Andy Gunther BAECC
A former ERGie is now the coordinator of the Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change Consortium. He writes an excellent blog summing up climate change coverage from a range of media sources. Go to and you can join the google group under ‘Contact’

DS421 Photos
The DS421 website now features all 31 trainee photos and short bios, and a dashing photo of our new Steering Committee Member, David Anthoff.

Obama’s Climate Legacy
In an exclusive article President Obama speaks to The New York Times’s reporters Mark Landler and Coral Davenport on climate change while visiting Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Watch the video here.

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