The DS421 program includes coursework and interdisciplinary research training spanning the first two years of a student’s graduate career. Year 1 requirements include foundational courses in reproducible data science, and social and natural sciences, followed by a summer research internship in a lab outside the student’s home department. Year 2 includes graduate courses in research methods and grand challenges in the study of coupled human-natural systems, an intensive workshop in data visualization and science communication, and a culminating, interdisciplinary team research project conducted in collaboration with an external partner organization (industry, NGO, science media, etc.). Students will also be engaged in workshops, hackathons, interdepartmental immersion activities, an annual symposium, hosting visiting speakers, etc. Participation in the program will provide a strong foundation for subsequent Ph.D. research, and prepare students for a wide range of academic or professional careers.

Please note, this is a 5-year training grant from NSF started in 2015 and will end in 2020. We have accepted our fourth and final cohort of students, who are currently advancing through the training program. At this time, we do have funding to accept any more students. Interested applicants may want to review the InFEWS program, also at Berkeley for similar interdisciplinary training opportunities.

The proposed sequence and schedule of activities is shown here: