The DS421 program was designed by a core group of nine faculty representing nine departments and five colleges and schools at Berkeley. Additional faculty members interested in joining as program affiliates may contact Director David Ackerly for information.

Core faculty

  • David Ackerly (PI and Director), Integrative Biology (L&S) [web site]
  • Max Auffhammer (Co-PI), Agricultural and Resource Economics (CNR) [web site]
  • Maggi Kelly (Co-PI), Environmental Science, Policy and Management (CNR) [web site]
  • Philip Stark (Co-PI), Statistics (L&S) [web site]
  • David Anthoff, Energy and Resources Group (ERG) [web site]
  • David Culler, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (CE) [web site]
  • Kristina Hill, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (CED) [web site]
  • Solomon Hsiang, Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP) [web site]
  • Laurel Larsen, Geography (L&S) [web site]


Left to right – front row: Kristina Hill, David Ackerly, Laurel Larsen, Max Auffhammer; back row: Solomon Hsiang, Philip Stark, Maggi Kelly, David Culler


David Anthoff