Newsletter Nov 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you are taking some time to reboot and recharge. We can all be grateful that the semesters is almost over. Here are a few FUN things to look forward to…

Software Carpentry Workshop – Cohort 2
January 12th & 13th

BIDS will be delivering the very popular software carpentry workshop. This course will be co-taught by Carl Boettiger, your instructor for ESPM 290 – Reproducible Data Science. Bring your laptops, PC and Mac. Most of the course will be taught in R. 

Science Communication Workshop – Cohort 1
January 9th – 13th

We have organized an amazing lineup of experts from Pixar Studios, BATS Theater, Stamen Design and KQED Science to hone your story telling and data visualization skills. There has been an incredible outpouring of support from this community who want to help YOU to communicate effectively, share your research and teach others. 

DS421 will pay for 1 day of registration to the “largest Earth and space science conference in the world.” The full scientific program is searchable here. Send Heather your conference registration showing a paid balance with your student id # for reimbursement of up to $260. Let everyone know when you’ll be there on this doc. We’re looking for a good place to meet Wednesday evening, Dec 14. More info to follow. 

Interdisciplinary Conference Funds 

Conference funds are available to attend a conference outside of your field along with another DS421 student to host. The “novice” student will be awarded $650 and the “host” will be awarded $150. If you are slated to attend a conference, please share the info and invite others to attend. For full details see the document here

Visit the Vizzies voting gallery and pick your favorite photo, illustration, poster/graphic, interactive and video by December 4th! 

Check out this free online book on R for data science. Bonus Kākāpō cover! 


The DLab is hosting a week of intensive courses during RRR week. This is an excellent resource, designed to instruct beginners through experienced learners. Email [email protected] to be added to their mailing list.

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