Newsletter Feb 13

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Newsletter Feb 13

Happy Belated Darwin Day! Here are a few updates and upcoming activities. Action items indicated with an asterisk*.

Summer Research Experience for Trainees 

Cohort 2* – it is time to plan your summer research experience for trainees (RET). You can approach any faculty or postdocs outside of your area of expertise and offer 4 weeks (160 hours) of research collaboration. This is an important part of the DS421 program with emphasis on interdisciplinary training, hands-on experience, and building your professional network. Please read the RET guidelines carefully. Feel free to ask questions, talk to the first cohort about their experiences, and ask faculty for introductions. Preproposals are due March 24th*, and full proposals by May 1st*

Summer Research Experience for Trainees Cohort 1*, please submit your RET reports by end of the day tomorrow, Feb 14th. A short blurb about your experience will be posted on the DS421 website as a helpful guide to Cohort 2. Thaaaaaanks.

Student Representatives WantedStudent Representatives Wanted
Steering Committee Meeting This Thursday
Feb 16th 8:30 – 10:00 AM, BIDS
(190 Doe Library)

If you are interested in being a student representative at this meeting, please email Heather.*

*MAY 1st* DS421 Annual Retreat
*MAY 1st*
Annual Retreat

Cohort 1 has begun their final research project with our external partners.
We look forward to hearing about their projects on May 1st at the Annual Symposium!

Science Communication Challenge:
Explain why we have seasons


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