Newsletter Mar 6: Spring Town Hall

Town Hall Meeting Tuesday March 14th 4-6pm

Town Hall Meeting Tuesday March 14th 4-6pmJoin us for a pre-St Patrick’s Day town hall meeting next Tuesday! We’ll talk about summer research, the annual symposium on May 1st, share feedback on the DS421 courses and discuss the lack of suborder serpentes in the fossil record of Ireland post-glaciation. Come to 3101 Valley Life Sciences Building on the T-Rex side, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. You will be directed to the Grinnell Miller Library.
Food and drinks will be provided.  *Please RSVP to Heather if you cannot come.  

Visiting Speaker Dr. Gabriel Filippelli 

Professor of Earth Sciences and Director of the Center for Urban Health at Indiana University – Visiting Speaker Dr. Gabriel FilippelliPurdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) will be giving two talks on Monday April 24th. He will give an Ecolunch 12-1 on his biogeochemistry research on urban health and environmental lead exposure. Then, he will give a second special seminar for DS421 on the role of science in policy at the international level based on his experiences at the U.S. State Department as a Senior Science Advisor in Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs in the Bureau of Oceans, International Environment & Science. 
**To find a time for a special DS421 seminar, please enter your availability for Monday April 24th in this poll

Summer Research - C2Summer Research – C2*

Preproposals for the Summer Research Experience for Trainees (RET) are due Friday March 24th. Check out the first cohort’s summer research projects descriptions on the DS421 website. Feel free to ask questions at the town hall, and talk to trainees about their experience. 

Interdepartmental Immersion – C2*


Remember to attend at least two seminars in another Interdepartmental Immersion - C2department this semester. You can go by yourself, or with a buddy. Here are some random assignments: 

Renata: Law & Carrie: IB
Jacob: ESPM & Scott: ARE
Nathanial: CRP & Frank: ERG 
Gabriel: ARE & Rosanna: Geo
Eli: ERG & Kari: ESPM
Niklas: ERG & Julieth: LAEP
Evangeline: Geo & Katherine: ESPM

*Please invite your buddy to at least 2 events.
*Listen for new concepts, jargon and tools.
*Send at least one blurb or glossary entry to Heather by the end of the semester. 

Data Viz Month at D-LabData Viz Month at D-Lab
Check out the D-Lab calendar of courses for this month. The D-Lab offers very welcoming environment and open approach training on a wide variety of topics, from introductory to advanced. If you need to update your skill set, this is a great place to start.

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