Newsletter Oct 5th: Town Hall Prep and Action Items

Town Hall Discussion Groups

We need your feedback! Here are three program elements that would greatly benefit from student input. *Please choose a topic to participate in a group discussion on Friday. We will break into teams, make decisions, regroup and take action!

Invited Speakers

We started a list of potential speakers with short bios. They can give talks at any of the existing seminars in the DS421 Related Seminars, or a special event. There is funding for honoraria. Let’s choose some speakers and invite them!

Student Leadership
Decisions need to be made on behalf of trainees, such as sending student representatives to steering committee meetings,  planning social events, choosing speakers and voting on cohort mascots. What is the best way to organize?

Interdepartmental Immersion

Last spring, students were asked to attend three seminars outside of their home department to stretch our interdisciplinary muscles. How do we make this activity fun and fruitful? How will we follow up and share what we’ve learned?

If you haven’t already…

*Please complete the statistics survey today!


Thank you!

Prep for Spring Project Course
*Cohort 1: During the spring project course, we will be working with our external partners on research projects with deliverables. To develop the course structure and pair your interests with our partners, please update your CV and think about a statement of interest. More info to follow. Stay tuned!

RET Reports
*Cohort 1: Please turn in your final RET reports by the end of the semester. Besides the lightning talks, there should be a primary product, a one page report, and github repository. You can review the assignment information here.

January Workshop Dates
Cohort 1: Science Communication Workshop 
January 9th – 13th

Cohort 2: Software Carpentry Workshop
January 12th & 13th

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