DS421 Announces NSF-Funded Evaluator Workshop

The Data Sciences for the 21st Century: Environment and Society (DS421) program will host an evaluator workshop at UC Berkeley in spring 2016. Program evaluators will be invited from the 18 funded NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) programs located across the United States. The workshop offers the unique opportunity for the evaluators of NRT programs to come together and share their experiences and expertise.

Funded by the NRT program launched in 2014, the workshop will support the development and implementation of novel approaches to STEM graduate education training through evaluation. Currently funded graduate training programs focus on a range of content areas, are research-based, expand the training of Master’s and PhD students, and prepare students for professional and academic careers. The workshop discussions will provide evaluators with a broader perspective of the diversity across programs and facilitate the development of evaluation plans.

The workshop will be designed to build professional connections and networks across the participating campuses. Speakers and discussions will focus on how to the increase the communication of evaluation results and the opportunity for evaluators to collaborate.

Dates will soon be announced for the two day event. All inquiries can be directed to cjhschwab@berkeley.edu.

For more information on the NRT program, click here.

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